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Negative Ions…

Negative ions, also called ‘anions’, are an atomic or molecular system with an excess of negative charge because of the gain of additional electrons – i.e. there are more electrons than protons. Ionic wristbands and other products containing negative ions may help with:

  • increased energy
  • increased balance and strength
  • improved flexibility and range of motion
  • relief from jet lag and motion sickness
  • relief of stress and tension
  • better focus and alertness
  • better sleep


Our ionSole’s relieve plantar fasciitis, martins Neuroma and foot pain. The U.S Military even uses our ionSole product!


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Special Summer Sale on Premium Bands

TMT Premium wristbands are infused with high quality bonded negative ion releasing minerals which are mixed like a cake-mix into the high quality silicone when the bracelet is made. The silicone traps millions of negative ions which release the highest negative ion output available. Research has shown that human beings respond to negative ion levels above 1000 ions per cc. Factory test meters TMT bands consistently between 1600 – 1800 ions per cc.


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